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My identity sculptures

In year 3&4 Art we have been busy creating paper sculptures using the letters of our names. We have explored design elements such as Line, shape, colour and texture to create designs that represent how we see ourselves. We created drawings using the design elements that we think show our personalities. Colours, lines and and shapes all have a way of expressing our feelings and these feelings are part of our identity. We used paper, hot glue, pencils and markers to complete our fantastic identity sculptures. It was hard building them because we had to balance all our pieces on top of each other and that took time and patience. We think we have done an amazing job. What do you think?

Our personal Identity

During the first two weeks of Art we created our classroom agreements which reflect our school values. We worked in teams and came up with ideas about how to best reflect the school values in our art room. In addition we have begun designing our ‘Identity’ paper sculptures. The sculptures will be created with the letters of our names and the designs on them will be abstract designs made of line, shape and colours that represent our personalities. Keep watching this blog for our amazing work!

Changes in the seasons

The year 3 &4 students have been hard at work creating drawings that depict the changes in the seasons. They created artworks that change when viewed from different angles. They have done an amazing job with their drawings and should be extremely proud of them. Here are some examples form 3 D.



Visual Art – Change in Seasons


Is it Autumn or Spring?

Grade 4B have been working hard blending coloured pencils to create artworks that explore the changes in the seasons. Look at the picture straight on and they are bit confusing, but view them from a different angle and a different season is represented.

What do you think? How can you tell which season they drew? What changes do you notice?

img_2918 img_2925 img_2926

Fantastic job Grade 4!

Miss Kirk

Gracias! Thanks for a fun Carnaval Week


Las week we had a fantastic time at ACPS showcasing our work in Art, Performing Arts and Spanish.

During Term 1 students were very dedicated and learnt songs, dances or organised displays.

On Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch time many students gathered at the courtyard to watch some performances and then have a dance. It was fantastic to see older students being so helpful and showing real leadership by undertaking some tasks, dancing and playing safely with younger students. Both days were a bit sunny and it was so much fun to dance outside!

Tuesday lunch time concert. It was a perfect day!

On Thursday we had our dress up parade! It was fantastic to see so many creative costumes!


James Fedoruk
Teachers brought their best costumes too! Mr Fedoruk is now a Spanish matador.

During session 5, the entire school got together at the Gym to enjoy some samples of the performances students from Red and Blue group have prepared. It was fantastic, all performers were enthusiastic and displayed their best work. students watching the performances also showed their school values by being attentive listeners and encouraging the performers by clapping and cheering. It was a great whole-school event. Thanks to the parents that attended the event.

The displays were colourful and everybody had a positive comment about how the gym looked.

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Art in Spanish!


In 4B Spanish and Art we have been collaborating and we had a really fun filled unit about masks, Carnaval and Spanish-speaking countries.

In Art each student was allocated a country (so we could represent all of the countries and not only the most famous ones). We observed the flags and we had to plan a design that represented in a way the flag of that country to paint and decorate our mask. We practised painting, mixing and detailing skills. We used different materials such as acrylic paint, glitter, gems, feathers, etc.

In Spanish we made signs to label our work. We researched the capital of the country we represented and described the colours of the flag.

Here are some pictures! You can see our finished work on display near Ms Murray’s office.

What do you think about our work?

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 1.34.31 pmIMG_1721 IMG_1729 IMG_1744

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