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Term 2 Health and PE

Hi all,

In Health and PE this term, we have been focussing our learning on soccer skills. In soccer, we are learning the correct kicking techniques when passing to our team members and scoring goals. It’s so much fun to learn new skills and games we like to play at break times. I can’t wait to see what sport we’re learning next! Watch this space!


Mr Muscari and Ms Abbas



It has been a fantastic beginning to the school year with many happy and excited faces eager to join in and participate in PE. During Term 1 students at Aitken Creek Primary School in years 3 and 4 participated in a weekly one hour tennis program directed by the Hume Tennis Centre in Craigieburn.

Through the participation of the program students learnt about gameplay, the rules of tennis and the different hitting technique they use being the forearm and backhand. They have done a great job and demonstrated our school values of respect, achievement, teamwork and responsibility  whilst out of school grounds.                                                                   


Well done grade 3 and 4!

Rio Olympics 2016!

The Olympics started on the weekend and to get everyone at ACPS involved Miss P created a 2 week challenge. The challenge is everyday for 2 weeks an activity will be displayed at the gym. The activity for today was a challenge for Australia! Our challenge was to run around the whole basketball court (both courts) for 10 minutes together as a class. We each had to count how many laps we ran. As a class we were able to do this 250 times. Some people did enjoy it and other people were just too tired to run.

We have included a photo of the class and used our fingers to show how many laps we ran (some of us did not have enough fingers for the amount of laps we ran).