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Year 3/4 Performing Arts

This term we have been focusing on drama and drama skills. These have included voice projection, creating a character, blocking (where we stand, enter and exit a stage) and production tasks such as sound engineer, backdrops, props and costumes. We have been working in small groups to create a play and add our own touches to it, before we film and share these with our Buddy Classes.

To prepare for our plays we have also been working on our teamwork and drama skills through warms ups such as “I am a…”, Mime relay and Time Machine were we work as a group to create a scene.

We also had a greta time with the non campers playing drama games such as First Line and Mime Relay, the students showed great imagination in presenting short improvised plays.

With the term fast ending, don’t forget to practise your lines which you can find on Showbie.

Bush Dancing

For the last two weeks we have been looking at Australian Bush Dances. We learnt the  dances to the “heel and toe”, “shearers skip” and others. We looked at a range of different steps such as the “doe si doe”, left and right elbow spins and marching. After practising a variety of steps we then created our own “Bush Dance”. This was a fantastic experiences and the dances created were amazing.