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Grade 4 – Term 4 Spanish – Mr Pablo

With the end of the year coming up, we’ve begun learning how to say in Spanish the various activities well be doing throughout the summer holidays. This topic has been really exciting since it reminds us that we’ve nearly completed Grade 4! We look forward to learning how to say these in activities in Spanish through the use of engaging and competitive games.

‘I’ve enjoyed saying in Spanish what we’re going to be doing throughout the summer holidays’ – Lily (4B)

‘I’ve enjoyed playing the house points game in Spanish’ –  Leen (4B)

Grade 4 – Term 3 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Spanish for Term 3, we Grade 4s have started revising all the words and phrases that we’ve learnt throughout the year. This involved some verbal games, as well as a competitive school-house game that we really got into. After that, since our pronunciation was spot on, we had a spelling test, which all of us did well on too. Our learning has been so good this year we can’t wait for the start of the new unit next week!

‘I loved the house-point game because we got to work in our house colour groups as a team’ –Adele (4B)

‘I liked the game when we all got together on the floor’ –Alana (4B)

Grade 3 – Term 3 Spanish – Mr Pablo

Since we learnt how to describe ourselves in Term 2, we have started Term 3 learning how to describe other things and objects, such as a variety of animals and objects found in playgrounds. We’ve also enjoyed the freedom of choosing which specific Spanish words we learn throughout each lesson since this makes us more engaged in our Spanish learning!

‘I’ve learnt how to say different zoo animals in Spanish’ – Fabyan (3F)

‘I love using Kahoots  in Spanish’ –  Charli (3F)

Grade 4 – Spanish Term 2 overview

During Term 2,  Grade 4 students learnt about the topic ‘the house’. In this unit, they had the chance to learn vocabulary related to rooms of the house as well as things that are typically found in a house such as doors, windows or lamps.

Students used the vocabulary and modelled language structures to convey information about their own houses as well as to describe what they could see in pictures and videos shared in class.

One of the activities they carried out over the term was getting in small groups and designing a house in which they had to label the rooms and stuff found in it. They were encouraged to use the internet to research about additional words they were willing to learn in order to make a more detailed house project.

Enjoy some of the pieces of beautiful work carried out by the students over the term.

Grade 3 – Spanish Term 2 overview

During Term 2,  Grade 3 students learned about adjectives which they used to describe themselves as well as to other people such as classmates and family members.

Students carried out a research project over the last weeks of the term in which they had to investigate how to survive in one of three Latin American environments given (the Amazon jungle, the Aconcagua mountain or the Galapagos Islands). During this project, students researched about possible dangers, equipment and clothes needed, wildlife present in the area and those skills that would be handy to posses in order to survive the adventure trip.

Enjoy some of the pieces of beautiful work carried out by the students over the term.

Grade 4 – Term 2 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Spanish for Term 2, we Grade 4s have started learning about all the items and objects we find in our homes. We have really enjoyed browsing through pictures and videos of cool-looking houses and identifying the number and colour of the specific house items that we are learning, thus using our knowledge of numbers and colours so we do not lose it! We look forward to learning these household items really well so that we can start playing our favourite learning games.

‘I enjoy playing Rockalingua’ – Nathan (4B)

‘I like learning about the house items’ – Zain (4B)

‘I enjoyed labelling a house in Spanish and I enjoyed playing some memory games on Rockalingua’ – Leen (4B)

Grade 3 – Term 2 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Spanish for Term 2, we Grade 3s have started learning the words that used to describe ourselves physically and our personal qualities. We have had fun describing ourselves, both on the outside and inside. We now look forward to learning and identifying which key qualities we should have to help us manage successfully a situation in which Survival (the Term 2 CBL topic) is crucial!

‘In Spanish we do really fun stuff like use Rockalingua and use our iPads to improve our Spanish vocabulary’ – Leyla (3F)

‘In Spanish, we are learning about how to say stuff about ourselves and our qualities, as well as write that information down in sentences’ – Ekam (3F)

‘Something that I have enjoyed in Spanish is writing down the physical descriptions of our appearance and also our personal qualities’ – Sophie (3F)