Safer Internet Day in 4A

Today we participated in Safer Internet day. We joined a virtual classroom with over 145 other year 4, 5 and 6 classes from around Victoria. We learnt about how we can make the internet a more respectful place. We all wrote a pledge, a promise, to use the internet in a fun, safe and respectful way.

John – “I will never cyberbully”

Aaliyah K- “I will always know who I’m talking to.”

Lalit – “I will not show my real identity”

Aaliyah A – “I will always think about who’s behind the screen”

Alfie – “I will defend any one getting hurt by responding to negative words with positive words”

We also participated in the Forever Challenge, where we decided if we should post, share or delete the pictures in the scenarios given to us.

Our learning so far

In 4E we have been getting to know everyone in our learning community and thinking about what we want our learning community to look like. We have explored what a learning area should look like, sound like and feel like so that we can design a classroom where we can learn to the best of our ability. We worked in groups to design our classroom and then used teamwork to put it all together, making our new learning community!
We have also been exploring the school values, which are teamwork, responsibility, respect and achievement and what these might involve in our learning community. Below are some photos of our amazing work and showing our great teamwork skills!


Today is safer internet day, which is all about how we can make the internet a more respectful place. We were involved in a virtual classroom where we learned about how we can be safe and respectful online. We also made pledges to make the online community a more respectful place. We got to talk to different classes around the world, which was pretty awesome!

Every Monday we have year 4 Sport the sport we are playing this term is kickball. Kickball is a team game where we play against other classes and the aim is to kick the ball and try to make a home run without getting out.

Thanks for reading,

From 4E

Welcome to Grade 3!

Welcome to the Year 3 blog for 2018! Our blog will be used to share all the amazing learning experiences that is taking place at ACPS. We highly encourage students, parents, families and carers to visit our blog on a regular basis and make comments on different posts. If you are making comments on our blogs please be sure to use first names only to maintain privacy.

Our individual class blogs will help the students learn many important skills, like communicating safely and appropriately in online environments, writing posts, revising and editing, uploading images and files, communicating with others and much more.

This year the Year 3 team consists of six classes:

3A – Miss Kichakov

3B – Mrs Finger & Mrs Gibbs

3C – Miss Shabo

3D – Ms Surgeoner

3E – Miss Mayor

3F – Miss Alebakis

Classes will work collaboratively and independently throughout the year. We highly encourage regular visits and comments to our blogs. Your involvement and interaction is an important element to bridging communications from school to home.

Kind Regards,
Year 3 Teachers

Welcome Post

Hi everyone 4B here, welcome back to 2018 we hope you all have been enjoying your days back at school here are a few things we wanted to tell you about.

In our school, we use iPads for our learning we have many educational apps that we use.- EM & FH

On our first day back at school we got to do performing arts with Miss Hopkins, she is really nice and we got to act. KS & AS

We all drafted and published our recipe for respect. A Recipe for respect is writing what you need to respect someone, there were many ingredients to respect. NO & ZH

Last week in Spanish we had a new teacher his name is Mr Boris and he is 30 years old we had heaps of fun in Spanish. AA & VP

Hey everybody we have been making a class puzzle to demonstrate our teamwork and community we all drew on our own piece. ID & BB

Hello everyone this is 4B and we are here to talk about our responsibility tree, everyone traced their hands and wrote what it means to be responsible its now hanging on our wall.- AS & SM

Thanks for reading our post, watch this space for more entries.



Haiku Poems

We have been learning about poetry over the last month and today we focussed on haiku poems. These are poems with 3 lines – 5 syllables in the first, 7 syllables in the second and 5 syllables in the third line.

We found them both easy and hard to write! They are easy because they can be about anything, they are only three lines, they don’t have to rhyme and there is a pattern to follow. But they can be hard to write because you have to find the right number of syllables in a line to fit! This might mean you have to change a word or words to make sense.

Here are some of our haiku poems that were written today by our class:

Happy New Year!

Best party ever

Fireworks are coming out

It is the best day!

  • Ranveer, Senitha, Akasdeep


Christmas Time

A girl loved Christmas

One day she woke up to gifts

And opened them all!

  • Lola, Gurnoor, Selena


Hungry Me

I ate some chippes

The bird came and stole my chips

I am sad right now

  • Emrys, Omid, Youshia


Angry Bird

The bird is angry

The bird squawking at me

It stole my cookie

  • Emrys, Omid, Youshia



I want ice cream now

Can i make it to the store?

The store is now closed

  • Emrys, Omid, Youshia



Staying up too late

Getting lots of presents

Having too much fun

  • Taylor, Aaliyah K, Hazal



Driving in our car

My feet are sinking in the sand

Going home now, no!

  • Taylor, Aaliyah K, Hazal



A place of fun

With laughter and cheer

Filled with all your friends

  • Sirat



So much caring

So much teamwork and respect

You make me smile

  • Sirat


Boom Beach

Boom Beach is so much fun

But the internet cut out

Tomorrow I’ll play

  • Josh, Fadi, Eliah
Have you ever tried to write a haiku? Have a go and let us know how you went! We would love to read your haiku!

~ 3C

3B Celebrates 2017!

As our Year 3 is finishing, we reflect on the year we have had and would like to share some of our most memorable moments of 2017!

In the start of the year we started to do something called NAPLAN. It was very hard maths. In NAPLAN we got our own spot in front of some one. All of us tried our best.

In term 2, as part of ANZAC Day celebrations, we made a poppy wreath using origami and we learnt how to make Anzac biscuits. They were definitely delicious.

We went to camp. We were going to Mt Everlyn and when we got there we ate our food. Then we got told who is in our cabin and we went to our cabin. Next, we got sorted into our groups, then we had free time and did one activity. After that we went and had dinner. After dinner we got ready for bed and then we fell asleep. The next day we woke up and got ready. Then we had breakfast and we did an activity. After that we went back and had lunch and then free time. Then we did one more activity before we went to our rooms and then had dinner. Then we got ready for bed and fell asleep. We repeated that everyday.

We have decorated our sanctuary with mindful colouring in sheets. We had fun colouring in the sheets. When we have mindfulness we finish our colouring in sheets to put up on the sanctuary wall. We take our time and try and work out what colours go together.

Since the year has past, the most important thing to us was making new friends. Without friends you will be lonely!

What an amazing year!


CBL Solution: Save Light Energy

Over the past few weeks we have been collecting data on the use of light in the classroom across the Year 3 grades. We have asked each class how many sessions they have had their lights on during the day. From the data, we noticed that 3D and 3A use the least amount of light energy out of all the Year 3 classes. However, some classes are not being sustainable and waste lots of valuable energy by keeping their lights on throughout the day.  We  wrote letters to persuade each class to use natural sunlight instead of the lights in their classroom. We also decided to make light switch covers for each class so that they remember to keep their lights off and save energy.

We hope we have helped to make a positive impact on our school environment and that students apply this knowledge at home.


This term we have been learning about the environment and how we can live sustainably. We have learnt about sustainable housing, renewable energy sources, composting, the waste cycle and how we can save water. Our challenge this term was to make a positive impact on the environment. We noticed that people were putting the wrong things in our compost bin and were putting things that can be composted into the regular waste bin. So we decided to  educate the grade 3s on what things can and cannot be composted, and then make mini compost bins for each class.

Did you know? Fruit scraps, eggshells, tea bags, vegetable scraps, hay, leaves, spices and herbs can go in compost bins. Whilst, meat, onion, bones, glass, metal and dairy cannot be composted.

Composting is important because it helps to reduce waste and keeps our soil full of nutrients so that we can grow big healthy plants.


Thank you for reading!



MAKING BISCUITS WITH OUR BUDDIES!                                                        Our last buddy session was so fun! We decorated biscuits with icing sugar and different lollies to make an emoji character.  We used jelly beans, snakes and all types of lollies.  We took a picture of our biscuits and then added them to our comic strips.  Our comic strips included different backgrounds and a story line.  Here are some pictures of what we did!


A Haiku poem is a traditional Chinese poem that is used to write about the environment.  Haiku poems have a particular structure.  It is made up of 3 lines.  The 1st line has 5 syllables.  The 2nd line has 7 syllables.  The 3rd line has 5 syllables.  Syllables can be tricky to count but our tip is to count the vowels in the word and to also place you hand under your chin and say the words.  Every time your chin touches your hand that is a one syllable count!


Diamante poems are trickier to write than Haiku poems.  The shape of the poem is a diamond and it is an opposites poem. Opposites include day and night, white and black, happy and sad. The first half of the poem talks about one  noun then it flips to talk about it’s opposite.  The first line consists of one word, which is your topic.  The second line is two describing words.  The third line is three verbs.  The fourth and longest line talks about both things.  The fifth line includes 3 verbs about the opposite idea. The sixth line has two describing words and the last line has one word which is the opposite to the first line.

Here is one we created together as a class! We used friendship and bullying as an example.  Isn’t it powerful?


LIMERICKS!                                                                                                                            We really enjoyed learning about limericks because they are meant to be funny poems and can  include nonsense! A Limerick poem also has a certain structure.  The first and second line has 8 syllables and have to rhyme at the end.  The third and fourth line have 5 syllables and are a different rhyme.  The last line has 8 syllables again and needs to rhyme with the first and second line.  Here are some of our examples!

Batik painting- Nature in Art

This term we have experimented with Baitk painting. This Art style is a traditional art form in many Asian countries and is used to decorate fabrics that are turned into clothes. Our paintings were inspired by nature and we used primary colours to mix secondary colours with fabric paint. Fabric paint is runny ahd hard to control so they were a real challenge to paint. The outlines of our work were painted with cold wax- (Batik is usually done with hot wax but our pictures have the same effect as ones made using hot wax). We think our effects are really beautiful, what do you think?



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