Classroom Helpers

This term we are seeking parent helpers who might have an hour or so each week to come into our classroom and assist us with our learning.

The teacher will be trying an online sign up form for parents to say when they are able to come in.

You must have a current Working With Children Check and also sign our school’s Child Safe Conduct form. Please make sure the office has a copy of these things.

Once you have done this, head to and select when you are able to help out!

We hope to see some parents starting from next week!

Commenting on other class blogs

This afternoon we spent time reading blogs from different classes across the school. We wrote comments to different classes and look forward to those classes reading them and maybe commenting back!


It is really important when we comment that we follow these ideas:

  • BE CAREFUL with what information we share in our comments
  • Spell our words correctly and use punctuation!
  • Be positive with our comments
  • Use appropriate language
  • Be truthful

Feel free to comment on our blog!


At Home Learning Tasks

At our Student Led Conferences, many parents were asking about what sorts of tasks their child could be doing at home.

It is recommended that your child read each night or for a total of 60 minutes across the week. This could be reading independently, reading to someone or being read to.

There are then some other activities that will allow your child to show you their skills and understanding in spelling and numeracy through their online access to Literacy Planet and Mangahigh.

Finally, you can work with your child on constructing some writing pieces and on attempting a mathematics challenge.

All of these activities have been added here on the blog and should also be pasted into your child’s homework for you to discuss with them.
4B Term 3 Homework-1iabk19

What the campers and non-camper got up to during week 7

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends,

During week 7 some of our students attended camp at Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp where they participated on lots of fun and exciting activities. The Non-Campers did not miss out on this fun either and did lots of fun activities back at school.


Slime and Outdoor Games

In the non-campers program we did some cool things like playing games outside and making slime. The slime was not any ordinary slime it was OBLECK. It was a mixture of cornflour and water. When you try and make a ball it becomes solid, when you let it go it turns into liquid.

For outside games we played dodgeball and poison ball. It was really fun and it also taught us to work as a team and cooperate.

Stella & Brahmleen

Pizza Muffins and PE

For the non-campers program we made pizza muffins. We could add any toppings that we liked that were available. There were mushrooms, capsicum, mozzarella, pineapple, ham, avocado, etc. When we took out first bite we were amazed by the scrumptious taste. We also did PE we had to do wall sits and make our own fitness circles. We leant that a fitness circle is a group of activities. It was super fun and we really enjoyed it.

Kashyap, Josh and Abeel

Spheros and Performing Arts

We used the Spheros and were asked to make a maze. Once we had made the maze we needed to write code to get the Spheros out of our mazes. During Performing Art we did KungFu dance as a warm up and we  did Mime Relay. Mime relay is when two teams verse each othe. The first two people in each team get asked to act something out. When their guesses it correctly they receive a point. We also played Limbo. We had lots of fun.

Adriano, Salim and Ryan

Movie and Bloxels

We had a chance to use the Bloxels to make characters, we could work in partners or individually. Most people worked in partners. You could make any character that you wanted.

We watched a movie called Free Willy. It linked to survival because the boy was trying to help the whale survive. We found it emotional. We did have popcorn but unfortunately we did not have any toppings on it!


Flying Fox and Hut Building

Some of the activities that campers participated in were hut building and the flying fox. Hut building is where you had sticks around you and the challenge was you needed to build a hut where you could all fit.

When doing the flying fox we first got harnessed up ready to safely climb up the platform where we were to take off. We were harnessed onto a rope and then jumped (or got pushed) off the platform. We zoomed down the cable till we reached the end.

Cayden & Eliot

Giant Swing and Movie Night

We had a go on the giant swing. It was 18 metres high. It was really cool and fun. Some people found it scary and others found it exciting. On the second night of camp we watched ‘Finding Nemo’. We brought down our sleeping bags and pillow, some of us fell asleep.

Tenayah, Ayan and Taleisha

Talent Show and Archery

For the talent show a group of boys (including Jake) were sleeping bag worms. Riley and Taleisha got up in front of the whole camping group and each sang a song. This took great courage! As we looked around the room we began to feel like movie stars. So many students and teachers had cameras out recording us.

For archery a lot of us thought that it was going to be easy, but when we actually had a go it was challenging. Some people were accurate enough to get a bullseye and others missed it completely! It was good to see everyone having a go.

Ava, Riley and Jake

Kaos and Our Duty Groups

Kaos is an activity where you and your partner read a map to find letters which make a sentence. For both red and green groups the sentence read ‘By the big tyre’. It was lots of fun. We had to stay connected with a wrist band (which were like handcuffs). It was challenging because the letters were well spread around the campsite. What made it harder was the whole place was very environmental (lots of trees and leaves around).

Each team had duties to do. The things you had to do were; before eating set up the cutlery, put out the drinks and cups. After  everyone had eaten the group needed to clean up. This meant wiping the tables, vacuuming the floor and making sure all dishes were in the kitchen. Our parent helpers were amazing in the kitchen cleaning all of our dishes after every meal!

Circus Arts and Some Free Time

Circus Arts was when there was equipment spread around the room. We needed to use the different equipment to make a performance which tricks and circus skills. Some of the props we had were spinning bowls, Japanese Yo Yo’s, stretchy elastic, juggling sticks and balls and ribbons. We needed to improvise and perform in front of our groups to show which tricks we could do.

During free time we were able to do anything! There was a trolley full of equipment. Lots of us choose to play basketball and many of us showed how good we were at skipping and hula hoops (including the teachers).


Our CBL Presentations

This term we researched and took notes on the particular United Nations (U.N.) goal we were interested in. Once we had enough information we started putting our information presentations together. Some people used Keynote, Book Creator, iMovie/green screen, PicKids and others used paper to make posters. With the information on the goal we presented, we also had to include HOW we could help the U.N. achieve this goal.

Our class came up with a list of ways we can help the U.N. Here is what we can do to help achieve the 17 Sustainable Goals:

UN Goal 1 – No Poverty

  • Donate seeds, food, clothes to organisations who can give them to poor people

UN Goal 3 – Good Health and Wellbeing

  • Donate blood
  • Stop wasting food / donate food
  • Support humanitarian aid by giving donations – money is better so they can choose to buy what they need
  • Wash your hands after coughing or sneezing
  • Wash your hands after patting a pet
  • Wash you hands before and after you eat

UN Goal 4 – Quality Education

  • Donate books and school supplies to schools and countries that do not have supplies

UN Goal 6 – Clean water and sanitation

  • Have short showers
  • Turn off the tap!
  • Don’t waste water by having short showers of 4 minutes
  • Take short showers
  • Pick up rubbish so it doesn’t end up in the water

UN Goal 8 – Economic Growth

  • Make sure you have a work/life balance so you stay relaxed and not stressed

UN Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

  • Use a shower bucket
  • Install a rain tank
  • Save pasta water and water from washing veggies to use in the garden
  • Put recyclable items in the recycle bin
  • Save energy
  • Pick up rubbish from the ocean and land
  • Recycle and reuse things

UN Goal 14 – Life Below Water

  • Stop polluting the environment and water
  • Stop overfishing
  • Recycle to stop rubbish

UN Goal 15 – Life on Land

  • Use public transport
  • Don’t use plastic bags
  • Clean the earth

Today we completed our presentations and shared them with the class. They will be uploaded for everyone to look at soon!

~ 3C

The Pond Cleaners

In CBL the Sustainable Development Goal we are focusing on is Life Below Water. Our solution is to clean the school pond every Wednesday and Thursday, to save the living creatures in it. Every Wednesday and Thursday we will go to the pond to see if it is nice and clean. We want to keep our precious pond clean forever and we want to keep the tadpoles that live in the pond alive! So please help us keep our pond clean by not throwing rubbish in it!

The Pond Cleaners

(Nayonika, Anna, Insia, Nathan, Adit, Aadya, Charli, Jenna and Emily)

Good Health and Wellbeing

Hello are names are Blake, Jaylen, Nick and Mohammad. We are talking about Good Health and Well Being.

I’m Blake and I am doing exercises.

I’m Jaylen and I’m doing fruit 🍉.

I’m Mohammad and I’m doing running 🏃

I’m Nick and I’m doing vegetables 🌽

Running makes you healthy and strong 💪 Exercises are good and you could get a 6 pack.  Fruit is healthy for you and vegetables are good.

Watch our video to see how you can get healthier!


From Blake, Jaylen, Mohammad and Nick

Zero Hunger

Hello our names are Talia and Onil. We are from 3B and we are here to let you now about Zero Hunger.

Did you know that 795 million people will be hungery tonight?

  • Aronud the world too many families struggle to feed their children nutritious meals.
  • 2,000,000 people in Victoria are hungery
  • 2,000 ,000 breakfasts served to hungery kids
  • We’re now feeding healthy breakfasts to 1,000 students a day in 500 of the most disadvantaed primary schools across Victoria

Without the work of Foodbank Victoria and over 900 community patners each month, 134,000 Victorians would not receive the emergency food relief assistance they require.

You can help by donating to Foodbank Victoria at

Thank You



Life on Land

Hi, my name is Kaan from 3B and I am letting you know about Life on Land.

10,000 species are going to be extinct every year. The worlds forests are getting way to polluted for animals to live.

More then 100 birds could die from all of the litter in the forests and other kinds of species could be be able to die as well.

When cans get thrown in to the forests  even little animals could die and sometimes some animals eat rubbish and die.

When people throw  too much rubbish at the same time and a lot of birds eat some more then 40 birds could die and some trees could die.

By Kaan.

Spanish in term 2


This term in Spanish we focussed on learning about food and physical activity. First, we worked in groups on creating a short role-play about a particular meal: ‘desayuno’ (breakfast), ‘colación’ (snack), ‘almuerzo’ (lunch) or ‘cena’ (dinner). Each group chose food items eaten in each meal, and learned how to translate these items into Spanish online. We learned that while we can’t always trust Google Translate, it can be a very useful tool. After translating, we wrote scripts, using some English, our translated Spanish words, and two phrases we learned: ‘¡Tengo hambre!’ (I am hungry!) and ‘Voy a comer…’ (I am going to eat…).

When we had all presented our work, we moved on to learning some new vocabulary about sport. So many sports in Spanish look or sound just like they do in English! Rugby, Hockey, Fútbol, Boxeo, Atletismo… We enjoyed finding out some Spanish words about a sport of our choice.

Riley from 4D loves sport! See how proud he is of his work on ‘Baloncesto’.

Finally, we got curious!  There are so many people living in each of the many countries where Spanish is spoken… what sports did they like? Did they invent any sports? Do they go to the Olympics?

After sharing what we were all wondering, we set about to find some answers. Did you know that Panama, a Spanish speaking country in Central America, has the third best Baseball team in the world? Fascinating!

Keep practising Spanish at home during term 3. One way you can practise is by using this website We use this website often at school.


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