Hi our names are Ali, Adriano and Bailey. We are from  3D. This term we have been learning about Power, both personal and electrical. Our CBL Challenge for this term was to use our power to make a difference. We have been looking at how littering can effect our environment and animals environments around us. We have the power to make a difference! This is where you come in. We are encouraging everyone to stop littering and start recycling to help improve our environment.

Did  you know… that every year the average Australian family produces enough rubbish to ll a three-bedroom house, producing about 2.25 kg of waste each per day.  ( Instead of putting your rubbish into the bins to send to landfill, you can recycle your cardboard boxes, paper, magazines, plastic bottles and cans.

Happy recycling and remember the power is yours!



In 4C we have been learning about power. This includes the power we have and the power others have. For our solution some of us chose to make animation, iMovie or a game. We have used many different types of technology to do this. Some of us have used scratch or bloxels.

The games and animations we have created linked with power, such as bullying and healthy food.

Here are some photos of what we have been doing.

When were creating our games/animations we wrote the rules/ instructions or descriptions of them.


Power Trailer – CBL

We are learning about Power. We were given a challenge. The challenge was “Use your power to make a difference in your life.”

We made a movie that shows you our work and what we have learnt. We want to tell other people what we have learnt about role models, the Olympics and power.

Try to be a role model to everyone by being nice, helpful, not giving up on hard things and keep trying until the end.

By Uzair, Gurjas, Ryan, Ege (3A)

Exercise and Healthy Eating

Hello everyone,

This is a very important blog post. We are creating a CBL solution to our challenge “Use your Power to Make a Difference in Your Life.” We are encouraging people to eat healthy and exercise everyday. We will be doing this too so we will have a longer and healthier life.

Eat heathy foods like fruit, vegetables and drink water. Exercise everyday with exercises like squats, Yoga, push ups and get a good night’s sleep every night.

Here is a small clip showing this:

From Riley and Tomaia (3A)


In 4C we made lolly show bags for maths and showed how many lollies were in each bag . We used our division  skills and divided the lollies equally among each show bag . We used different types of lollies like jelly beans, sour worms ,lollipops , warheads,  sherbets and lots more . Here  are some pictures of people’s show bags.


Book Week Class Party

Today our doors became the gates to the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory as we had our Book Week feast.



We had purple balloons and tablecloth, with rainbow-coloured streamers to get into the spirit of things, and we brought along our Golden Ticket…of course!

Oompa Loompa


It was a lot of fun and we all finished up with very full Oompa Loompa bellies!

Friday Feast

Unfortunately not every Friday can be as fun as today. We had a great day ending our Book Week celebrations by learning how objects glide through the air and enjoying a Hogwarts Grand Hall themed dinner. As the photos show, the sugar hit some of us a bit harder than others!


Book Week costumes

This week we have been celebrating Book Week and today we held a dress up day. We could come to school dressed as our favourite character from a book. There were superheroes, villains, animals of all sorts, people from all types of stories and characters from Dr Seuss as well!

This afternoon the entire Year 3 team held a character dress parade so we could all see each other’s costumes. Mr Borrell walked around trying to see people better through his Wally binoculars but he agreed everyone looked fantastic!

The teachers chose a costume winner from a different grade. Here is a picture of the winners – their costumes looked fantastic!

book week

Well done to ALL our classmates on a wonderful dress up day! We had so much fun that someone said she wished we could dress up EVERY day!

Remember there is a Book Feast happening on Friday – so remember to bring food to share with your class!




Performing Arts – Music

This term in Performing Arts, as part of our CBL big idea ‘Power’, we have been exploring how raps, beatboxing and lyrics can be powerful. We started off by creating a short rap about ourselves and worked with a partner to beatbox while we rapped. It can be scary to perform in front of others, but we know it will build our confidence!

We then worked in groups to create ostinato rhythm patterns. We learned how it can be powerful to start off with one person repeating a word or phrase and others coming in after. Our topic was ‘Living in Craigieburn’ where we brainstormed what we liked to do in our suburb.

We are now working on our ‘Anti-Bullying’ raps in groups. After brainstorming and then creating our good copy, we will be using ‘Garageband’ to make the beats while we rap. Stay tuned as we present the raps next week!


Superheroes- Power

The year 3 students have been busy creating their own Marvel style superheroes this term. We have brainstormed ideas about power and what would make a superhero powerful. We then drew our superheroes with pencils and markers and used the Ipad apps Pic Collage and Explain everything to create  digital collages. Do you like them?

We had lots of fun making them and hope you think they are powerful? Please tell us what you think of our illustration skills.1bb885e2-5304-4f8a-8240-f7cacc77f9ffharsha 3E


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