Home Learning Week 2-3

This term we are sending home an optional grid with a set of open ended activities that will relate to our learning, our Big Idea or general personal life skills. A new grid will be provided to students every two weeks.

Homework Week 2 & 3

This Home Learning grid will be provided to students through Showbie as well as sent home via Compass and our Year 3 blog. Any tasks that are completed by students are able to be recorded in the “Home Learning” assignment on Showbie. For those students who do not have an iPad for use at home, they can record their home learning in their Home Learning book provided by their teacher.

Students will have opportunities to practise reading, maths and writing skills throughout the two weeks. There will also be CBL links and activities relating to personal and social skills and habits as well.

If there are any questions at all, please feel free to speak to any of the Year 3 teachers.

With Thanks,

Ms Huntly, Ms Ashby, Mr Borrell, Ms Kichakov, Ms Mayor and Ms Murray

A fun first week!

It’s our first blog post for Term 4! Yay!

On the first day of school this week we really loved seeing our friends again after the holidays. We had missed them and our teacher a lot!


This week Ms Huntly showed us how to get onto our school email accounts. Today on Gmail we were practising writing emails and sending them to Ms Huntly. We are doing this so we can talk to our pen pals in America more quickly, instead of sending letters which can take weeks. Some of our thoughts on using our emails:

  • exciting
  • lots of fun
  • amazing
  • good experience
  • new for some people
  • awesome

On Monday we looked on Google Earth and saw the school that our pen pals go to in Colorado (America). We started putting together a video about our school to send to them and we will post this on our blog next week when it is done. Here is a screenshot of their school from Google Earth:


Our CBL Big Idea this term is ‘Sustainability’. We talked about the environment and all the things we knew about and wondered about. Our class definition of sustainability is growing but we have found so far that it means the world needs to keep going how it is – everything needs to continue to work so we can have food, water and clean air without pollution.

‘The Tomorrow Book’ was read in class and is about a prince that saw the outside world was not as good as inside the books he read. His world was dark and polluted. The prince solves people’s problems by giving them suggestions on how to use materials to fix things. For example, some of the people complained there was not enough water left to fill their pool so the prince suggested they collect water from the roof to reuse.


During our session with 3A this week we explored the website NASA Climate Kids. We compared it to a website made for adults and decided the Climate Kids website was made for kids – it has lots of colour, cool pictures such as the earth with eyeballs, the tabs are different shapes, there were games and things to do and the facts are written in kid speak. We spent some time watching videos, playing games and reading some very interesting facts.


We have been learning about division this week. Division is sharing equally. We have been practising our strategies for division and found these are very similar to multiplication strategies. Some of us are learning to use the division algorithm.


Our buddies came to visit us in our classroom and we made Venn diagrams with them about our holidays.  We also had our first library visit for the term to choose some interesting good fit books for our book boxes.

See you next time!



Lava lamps

Another great term ended and we went out with a bang! This time it was lava lamps on the agender. Students have been waiting in anticipation to do this experiment for many weeks now and they weren’t disappointed. With just a few simple ingredients, oil, water, food colouring, and seltzer tablets, we were able to produce these colourful and interesting creations. Hopefully they didn’t make a mess back at home!

Community Thank You


Our class would like to send a huge thank you to Complete Property Centre at Highlands Shopping Centre. We have wanted to travel to Korumburra Primary School to meet our pen pals in person and see their school. Complete Property Centre have generously donated half of the money needed to cover the cost of a bus for our excursion.

We are very excited to visit a different country school and meet our pen pals during week 3 next term. Our excursion would not have been possible without Complete Property Centre and their continued willingness to help out our students at ACPS.

Watch this space next term to find out all about our exciting visit to Korumburra to see our pen pals!

~ 3C

3-4 Español

¡Buena tardes! Good afternoon!

Wow, what a term!! It’s been great fun to learn  Español again. We have been busy!

We’ve been learning how to say and write a few different things about ourselves:

  • Mi nombre es…
  • Mi color favorito es…
  • Mi animal favorito es…
  • Mi número favorito es…
  • Yo vivo en…
  • Yo tengo ____ años.
  • Mi cumpleaños es en…

We completed each of these sentences in a puzzle that was “TODO SOBRE MI” (all about me!)

Great teamwork here!
Find the sentence that matches yours! Translating between English and Spanish.
Working hard to achieve our goals!

As you can see, we used our iPads to record ourselves as we read through our puzzles. Each of us has made a video that we can share with you at home.


¡Disfruten sus vacaciones! Enjoy your holidays!

Invention Convention

This term we have been exploring our curiosities by researching information about different inventions. We had to think of real word problems such as transportation, pushing a heaving trolley and not being able to take a trampoline with you. We used the design process to help us with solving these problems. We had to think of possible solutions and research how our inventions would work. We also created prototypes of our inventions using a website called tinkerCAD. Below are some of our invention groups.

Hover Scooter

Our group made a hover scooter.We made two prototypes of our invention and the first one was like a frisbee, the second was a big model that had most parts and looked like the plan. We also made 3 different books. 2 were explanations of how our scooter worked and the other one was about all the different types of hoverboards.

By Forest, ryan and Taylan

Jumping boots

Each group made an invention using teamwork. Our group made jumping boots so you can jump as high as a house, because you can’t travel with a trampoline. Other groups made cool inventions too. We have been working on this for 1 whole term.

By Ashlee, Adem, Indiana, Elyssa and Minoshee

Remote control trolley

My CBL group worked well with our invention called the Super Push-R or the SST (self steering trolley). We made a prototype with one shoe box, 4 pencils, foam wheels and lots of tape and an antenna. Our group did lots of research on controllers and how they work. We found out that radio waves are sent to the  car from the controller.

By Najib and Esther.

Trolley with fan

My group invented a trolley which moves by a fan, it also has wheels at the bottom to make it move.The problem is that when people go shopping and they have a heavy trolley it can be hard to push or people with broken arms can’t push trolley So that’s why our group decided to create a self moving trolley.

How it works:The fan works because the blades in the fan are connected to a battery creating an electrical current. This current is caused from the battery which connects to the DC motor. The blade is attached to the DC motor so the blade will spin and make the trolley move. To make our prototype we used a propeller for the fan, 2 pencils to hold the wheels, some foam for the wheels, wires to attach to the battery and the DC motor which made the propeller spin.

By Santhos, Akshat and Gurjas

Smart Desk

I made a smart desk because some people don’t have enough storage on their desks. I made this by researching materials desks are made out of and using this to help me think of what i would use for my desk. I also researched how wires and buttons work so then i would be able to explain how they would work in my desk.

From Mariam

Fold up trampoline

We made a fold up trampoline because we wanted to take trampolines and the fun with us. First we needed to make a design of what our invention would look like and a prototype of our invention. We had to find out what trampolines are made out of in order to be able to make our trampoline. This took us a long time because we had to measure and we needed a few materials.

By Damla and Camryn

Google door

In 4E we have made inventions to show our curiosity. My invention is a google door if you want to know how it works all you have to do is step on the pressure pad. Then the wires from the pressure pad will send electricity to the sensor which is at the top of the door. After that the sensor will sense a person on the pressure pad then the door will automatically open for the people that are standing on the pressure pad. We have also designed our invention’s on a website called tinkerCad. We even had to make books about our invention’s and how they work. The students also thought of something called the invention Convention where parents come in the year four’s classrooms and look at their designs and the year four’s have to tell them why they invented it and how it works.

By Jasper

Self Stering Bike

My groups problem was that my feet get tired when riding a bike, so we made an invention of a bike that has buttons and these buttons can do different things. One button is for go and the other one is to stop. There is also some other buttons which can do different things. For example folding and unfolding the umbrella. This bike also has an incredible fan and this fan can make you cool down in very hot places. First we had to draw a diagram of the bike including all the key parts such as an umbrella, fan, basket and the buttons.Then I wrote persuasive about my bike invention and when I finished my writing I drew a diagram and it was hard and I had to keep on drawing it which made me stressed. I did lots of research about bikes to help me think about how it would work.Then I finally made my prototype. At our convention we got really good feedback from people like : super cool job. Great job. Great work your bike looks cool. Love the bike. Good work girls. How did you make it? I love your design.

By Tameka and Dua


Our group made a tap that you pull something to make the tap turn on. We did this because it can sometimes be hard to turn taps on and off. We worked in a group of three research, plan and make our prototype.

By Bella, Shakira and Alvira


4C’s Invention Convention

4C celebrated their CBL solutions with an Invention Convention showcase for parents, friends, and classmates.

On Thursday the 21st of September we had the Invention Convention. On this day we presented our inventions that we worked hard on throughout Term 3. We were really pleased from the results of the parents that had attended. A lot of people got really good feedback on their amazing inventions such as the Code Tracker, the Smart TV (updated version), the Vibration Chip and much much more. -Yas

Ava and Tenayah: Today we had our parents and buddies come in our classroom because of our invention convention to show our inventions we had lots of people ask questions and ask what our invention was we had and we were proud of our work I hope we could do this again.

Stella: First we had the invention convention which was amazing. We got parents to come over and look at all 11 groups to check out our inventions! After snack we did the same thing but with our buddies which was fun as well. Once the buddies left we did a reflection for the whole term from what we learnt.

Layla: The invention convention was amazing and exciting because so many people wanted to know about our invention and it was really fun. Next we did the same thing but with our buddies which was really exciting because we got to present to them and they learned something new. It was cool to see everyone in their footy team and all the colours. Today was an awesome day and I hope other days can be like this.

Ryan: I have made a invention called the cleaning robot. There were some parents who came in the classroom. They are seeing some inventions. They are asking questions.

Kashyap: I really enjoyed CBL this term especially because it was based around technology. Curiosity is a really open thing so it was very fun.

Anmol: We had our invention conversation, it went pretty well. It was an open morning for parents. The parents came in with the kids and… yay!

Josh: Today was the invention convention. I was nervous and thought that nobody would like my invention but a lot of people liked my invention. A lot of my friends’ parents said my invention was good and that it was a good idea.

Eliot: I think we have really done well with our curiosity journals and I’m proud of you all and have a good holidays and I also think I really learnt some research skills. Also I can think a lot better when I’m not distracted. When I was building my prototype, I had to build it three times and the third time I really felt proud of myself. Ms. Kingsley helped me with my final design so she deserves all the credit really. We all deserve credit for what we have done with our big idea and these journals have great covers and we all deserve praise and we’re all great students and sometimes we’re teachers to Ms. H.B and Ms. Kingsley!

Invention Convention Success

Our Invention Convention was a huge success!

We had around about 20 parents, cousins, brothers and sisters come and visit our classroom on the last Thursday of the Term to see our marvellous CBL solutions.

Everyone was very excited to share their hard work with family members and there were many proud smiles from both the students and their families.

At the end of the Convention, we asked people to leave us feedback by sharing two stars (things we did well) and one wish (something they thought we could improve on next time). The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we can tell everyone had a great time and would like to see more displays of our work like they did at the Invention Convention.

Once everyone had left, we also did our own reflections on our solutions and on our CBL guiding questions.

A big thank you to everyone who came and visited us: it wouldn’t have been such a success without your support.

Getting Ready for our Invention Convention

There was a lot of fun (and chaos) last Friday as we constructed our inventions for CBL. The inventions are based on problems we had either experienced or had seen other people experiencing.

We had to think about who would be helped by our invention and then we needed to research the different parts we would need to make the invention work. A design was drawn of our idea, with the diagram needing to be drawn to scale. For this we needed rulers and our maths books to make sure we knew how big each part of our creation would need to be.

Once we knew the sizes of everything, we could start measuring, cutting and adhering our materials. After this, we added colour by gluing on paper or painting our inventions.

The final thing we needed to do was compose a text about our invention to put with our model at the Invention Convention. We knew we would need to write a non-fiction text and decided the most suitable ones would be information reports, expositions, descriptions and explanations. In reading, we sat with people who were doing the same text type as us and looked at an exemplar to make sure we knew what structural and language features we would need to include. The information we found out was shared with the class.

Our writing was then drafted, peer-edited and published on our iPads.

It was then just a matter planning how our classroom would be set up, moving desks and then came the hardest part of all…making sure our room was clean!

Performing Arts ~ Grevillea

We have finished off the term rehearsing our dances and finally filming them in front of the green screen. We have been practising ‘how to be a good audience’ and focused on ‘what good TEAMWORK looks, sounds and feels like’.


Students have been working in small groups to choreograph a dance. They have had to focus on a number of choreographic devices such as timing, cannons, locomotor movements, isolation and freestyle. They have been using an assessment matrix to assist in self reflection and peer feedback. Teamwork and how to work with others has been a big focus over the last couple of weeks as each group works out how to make the best use of their time and create their best dance together.


Dances are being filmed and preformed in front of other members of the class to give a realistic performance feel to their dance creation and to assist in self reflection and assessment.


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