Storm Boy, Aitken Creek Radio & Biodiversity

Hi teachers, parents, guardians and friends,

For the past few weeks our class has been reading the text ‘Storm Boy’ by Colin Thiele. It is set in a national park just off Adelaide.

Check out Kashyap’s and Ayan’s description of the Coorong below.

Kashyap’s – The Coorong

It is written in third person from the perspective of a narrator. We were thinking about how the characters felt in the text. We put ourselves ‘in their shoes’ and are currently writing perspective pieces from a range of characters including Storm Boy, Hide Away Tom, Fingerbone Bill and the tiger snake. We will be sharing some of these soon on ACR (Aitken Creek Radio) and on this blog.

The school now has its own radio station! We will be sharing some of our learning and interests on the radio soon. We would love to get some feedback on the types of podcasts you would like to hear. Comment below some of the topics you would like to hear about.

It is coming to that time of year again where we start to look into solutions to our challenge. This term our challenge is ‘Preserve Biodiversity’. Last week were looking at some of the potential problems that impact biodiversity. These are just a couple:

  • Plastic Bags
  • Micro beads/Micro plastics
  • Cleaning Liquids
  • Palm Oil
  • Chemicals
  • Pollution
  • Oil
  • Introduced Species
  • Coal/Fossil Fuels
  • Rubbish and Waste
  • Deforestation
  • Excessively Fishing and Hunting or removing protected species

We needed to make a video to demonstrate what we know about these impacts. During recording we needed to think about the camera angles, close ups, camera and audio quality.

We will load some of these videos soon!





Learning Reflections

There has been a lot going on in 3C lately! Here are some reflections on what has been happening:

We did measurement and time this week. We had fairy bread from Emrys because it is National Fairy Bread Day! We have been learning cricket in PE as well. – Akasdeep

In PE we played Pacman. In Pacman you need to stay on the lines and everybody is IT. We were using hockey sticks. We used tennis balls with the hockey sticks to pass each other. – Youshia and Senitha

Our library visit was great. We went to the library and all got fantastic books. We all got one or two books each. I got Transylvania and Edinburgh Castle. They are both scary books. – Taylor

In Maths this week we are learning about time. Time is more than what you see on your clock. One analogue clocks you say quarter past, quarter to. We also had time equations that we had to do on Showbie and made a poster on what time is. – Harjas

We made sustainable houses because we are learning about sustainability. We are making our house sustainable by putting a vegetable garden in the backyard and a pool. We are also recycling our water. – Angel, Jett

Today we did problem solving and it was really challenging. The harder maths was sooo hard! I couldn’t solve all the problems. I found the question working out hard. – Eliah

On Thursday we had a buddy session with our Year 1 buddies. Our buddy grade is 1J. We took games and colouring to do there because we were all tired and hot from snack. We needed to do some mindfulness activities! I bought charades and we played it for the hour. It was so much FUN! – Aaliyah A

On Thursday we had a buddy session. It was so hot we had to stay inside. -Fadi

In CBL we are looking at what would make a sustainable community. Architects are making houses, the Community Council are building community areas and the Community Educators are explaining to people why we are doing it. We are up to the building stage. I am having a lot of fun and I think everyone is too. – L.M.

I enjoy PE. What we are doing is a rich task with 3A and 3E. We are trying to save the environment. My groups is making a park with trees to make more air. Our park will have shops, pool, cubby houses and animals. – Hazal

Today I ate special fairy bread that Emrys gave us because it is National Fairy Bread Day! I also had Easter Eggs that Aaliyah K give us because they were left overs. It was delicious and tasty because the fairy bread sprinkles were sweet. – Ranveer

This week I celebrated National Fairy Bread Day. we went to the library and borrowed some cool books. Some people borrowed scary books. We are doing a rich task where we have to make a 3D model of a sustainable house. My group’s house has wind mills and solar panels. – Emrys

This week was good because we are making sustainable houses for CBL. My group is designing a house with a pool, water tanks and solar panels. – Zaive

Yesterday we had a really fun buddy session. We got to do colouring, board games and play play doh. We did these activities because they were calming activities. My favourite part was when we were playing charades. – Aaliyah K

Friday 24th November is National Fairy Bread Day. We had fairy bread for lunch. We also went to the library for our last time in Year 3 and borrowed books for an hour. Yesterday we saw our buddies and we played some games. This week we problem solved and had to make a sustainable house that was 3D. – Josh

We had buddies. This buddy session was calm. People chose to play board games, colour and read. My buddy and I chose to play charades. It’s a very fun game. It was a pretty fun buddy session! – Gurnoor

Today is National Fairy Bread Day. One of our classmates handed fairy bread out today. He said to think which fairy made the sprinkles we were eating. The fairy bread was delicious! – S.S.

As you can tell we have had some great moments this week! Look out for more details about our CBL sustainability rich task and other learning next week!


Skyping a Scientist

In 4A and 4E we had the opportunity to skype a scientist. Before we skyped the scientist we had to find information about her job. We knew that she was a marine spatial ecologist that focuses on Gray whales. This means that she observes the food Gray whales eat and their behaviours when they find their food. We had to research information about her job and facts about Gray whales so we could ask her questions about her job.

When we skyped the scientist named Florence, we recorded key questions and notes to helps us learn more information about Gray whales and how this relates to biodiversity.

We used the information that we learned from the marine ecologist to write a persuasive or a information report in a group. We are using this information to help us understand biodiversity better and to help us with are solutions later on.

By Damla, Indiana and Tameka

Learning in 3F!


We have been learning about time.  I helped to make an interactive clock made out of a large hula hoop and sentence strips cut into 8 pieces.  Two of those strips were cut into the minute and hour hand, twelve of the strips were numbers.  We also labelled our clock with quarter past, half past and quarter to because that was our learning focus.  The hour hand is the shorter hand and the minute hand is longer.  The numbers 3,6, and 9 are important on the clock because they represent quarters and a half.

Don’t forget to practice telling the time at home!  The best way to learn time is to wear an analogue watch on your wrist so that you can practice all day long!

Written by Dylan and Cooper.


Hi, today we will be telling you about alliteration.  Alliteration is a poetic device that author’s use to make their writing more powerful.  It is when you use the same sound from a letter in the alphabet in a sentence or to create a story.  For example- The angry alligator ate an ant.

This is an example of an alliteration paragraph that we wrote together as a class.  We have been having so much fun learning about alliteration!

Written by Maeesha and Peter


Our rich task for CBL is so exciting! We were given the choice to join three groups.  We have been learning about how we can be more sustainable and we are going to show this by creating a sustainable community. Here are the groups.

Group 1- Architects

Group 2- Community council

Group 3- Environmental monitors

Groups one is in charge or designing and creating sustainable houses.  These sustainable houses will have solar panels on the roof, double glazed windows for insulation and water tanks to save water and more!

Group two is in charge of all of the things that make up a community.  These include parks, swimming pool, shopping centres.  These will have to be sustainable of course!

Group three is in charge of researching sustainable devices and educating others through a presentation.  They will also be adding sustainable transport to our community.


Next week we will be building our sustainable car prototypes from different materials!

Stay tuned!




3B’s Learning Journey – weeks 5 and 6


Here is a snapshot of our learning from Weeks 5 and 6!

Reading and Writing

In weeks 5 and 6 we read a book called Animalia because we were learning about Alliteration. It is a sentence that has the same letter at the start of the words. An example is: my mother made me mash my Mini m&m’s on a Monday morning. Miss Murray gave us a letter to write an alliteration sentence with.

We have been leaning about imagery. Imagery is when some one describes a setting and you need to imagine it in your mind. You can write about anything you want. We had to write a description of a setting and someone in our class had to draw the picture in our head and we reflected on how detailed our description was.


In maths we learnt about time and chance.

For time, Miss Murray drew a clock with paper and it said o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. Then we drew the same clock and wrote o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past in our maths books. We used mini clocks and the clock in our book to help us. We learnt to tell time in quarters and in 5 minutes intervals. We also learnt where the hands on the clock go!

For chance and probability, we did an activity called the Aitken Creek Primary School Cup. It was like horse racing because we did it on Oaks Day. We had a sheet that had numbers and we had to have a dice. We needed to roll the dice two times and add the numbers together. We needed to cover the box that had the answer. We wrote scratched on horse number 1 because you cannot get a total of 1 when adding two dice toether. 8 won the most as it was one of the most likely totals from adding 2 dice together.


In CBL we are designing and constructing a sustainable community. We made groups with 3D and 3F. We went into 3 groups. One was Community Council with Miss Murray, Environmental Monitors with Miss Kichakov and Architects with Miss Mayor. Then we completed our action canvas and begun our designs.
Thank you for reading,
from 3B

Maths Problem Solving

Each Thursday in 3E we have a problem solving lesson. This lesson allows us to apply the skills and knowledge we have gained through other maths lessons to an authentic problem. This week one of the problems we had to solve was the following:

Mr Katsikapis is planning for 2 new portable classrooms to be brought into the school for next year. However, only the legs for the chairs and tables have arrived and they look identical. There are 288 legs in total. How many chairs and how many tables might be in each room?

Can you work out the answer?

DON’T forget to follow the problem solving process, that is: understand the problem, think of a plan, do it and then check your answer.


We had so much fun playing with the parachute. Our buddies and us were swaying the parachute around and we had a ball in the middle.We had numbers and when Ms Smart called our number we had to run around the parachute.We had so much energy and it was super awesome.Everyone was having a blast. Then after we finished that game we had a little break then carried on.We had numbers again then when Ms Smart called our number we went under the parachute and had to find another spot that had a space.When we finished playing the games a lot of people were huffing and puffing. After our other break we went to our classroom and we got dismissed.

By Inaya and Clayton

Learning in 3D


“This week we have been learning about time, we’ve recently learnt how to tell the time to the minute” – Ansh and Samia

“Reading time by 5 minute intervals links to the 5 times tables” – Ansh

“We have been practicing our times tables and we are improving. Today I made it to the top of the leader board for the multiplication which I am proud of.” – Elijah

“At the start of the year I only knew o’clocks and now I know my half past/to, quarter past/to and time to the minute” – Kate

“During maths, we have been learning short division and we learnt a lot from it. We used multiplication to help us divide different numbers” – Lucas and Ansh


“I have enjoyed writing persuasive pieces during independent writing.” – Imogen

“I learnt how to write in a different point of view (third person) and I enjoyed publishing my work” – Samia

“I enjoyed writing and I nearly completed 4 pages of writing and I am proud” – Miguel

“We used onomatopoeia in our writing to make it more exciting” – Eeshal


“I enjoyed reading about science and making text-to-text and text-to-world connections” – Miguel

“We have been trying to improve our reading stamina by focusing on our independent reading, and graphing our time” – Aaron

“We have been practicing our expression through reader’s theater” – Aaron and Samia


“We have been learning about sustainability and global warming, and how to save electricity” – Tiana

“We have been participating with Miss Murray and Miss Kichacov’s class to make a sustainable community. Our topics are community council, architects, environmental monitors.” – Zain

“In our groups we have been planning and designing for our sustainable community” – Briana

A new thinking and reflection strategy

In 3A we have been trying out a new thinking and reflection strategy. It’s called Think, Pair, Square. How it works is:
A question or idea is posed
Think: Students think about the question posed. What is their viewpoint or idea?

Pair: Share views and ideas with a partner. Respond to partner’s views and ideas

Square: students form a group of four. All discuss views and ideas with each other. Respond and agree/disagree with what each other are saying.

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