Exploring 3D Shapes

We have been learning about 3D shapes – what they are, what they look like, their names and how many sides and corners they have. We learnt about the special names for sides and corners (faces and vertices) and discovered that faces don’t have to be flat – spheres have faces as well!

Some other things we learnt:

  • A prism is named for the shape at each end and has rectangular sides that join these ends
  • A pyramid can have any shape at the base but has triangle sides that meet at a point at the top of the shape
  • A square prism is called a cuboid
  • A vertice at the top of a pyramid is called the apex
  • A 3D egg shape is actually called an ovoid – but we like calling it “egg” better!

During our discovery time we have been building shapes in groups using connector materials (thanks Ms Guldon!). It was HEAPS of fun!! Here are some pictures from our building sessions (some of the shapes are a bit dark but we have named them for you):

We also created presentations of some shapes that included the name of the shape and how many faces, edges and vertices it has. Here are some examples of our work:

Buddy Bear Adventures with 3A

Buddy Bear and Alicia

BB spent time with Alicia this week and did a lot of wonderful things including riding a little car, sleeping in his special room and hiding in the bushes. He can’t wait to spend time with another classmate next week!

alicia bb1


alicia bb2

Eruptions in 3D & 3E

As part of our CBL big idea of Discovery, we wanted to learn more about Volcanos and how they impact our Earth. We spent the morning using bottles, paper, water and flour to create paper mache` volcanos.

While they were drying we research information about volcanos and how they are formed. We also got to choose a famous volcano and research facts about our volcano. Here is some of the information that we have found out about volcanos and famous volcanos around the world:

Volcanos erupt when hot magma from below rises and leaks into the crust of the volcano. ~ Gemma

Volcanos are formed from tectonic plates that crash into each other and one plate slides over the top of the bottom plate.  Heat and pressure build up and cause magma to push up into the volcano to make it erupt. ~ Mason

Mauna Loa is in Hawaii. One of the five volcanos that form the island of Hawaii. The volcano is 4, 669 meters tall. The last eruption was in 1984. ~ Adriano and Tyson

K2 volcano last erupted two years ago and it was very dangerous because it erupts and the lava goes into the water. It is 813 meters tall.  ~Gemma

Krakatoa in between Java and Sumatra. The last eruption was in 2014. It has killed 36,000 people in an eruption. ~ Riley

Mt Fuji is in Japan. It is the tallest peak in Japan. ~ Ava

Mt Vesuvius is in ruin of Pompeii. It destroyed the entire city of Pompeii in AD 79. Mount Vesuvius is considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. ~ Ali

Mt Etna erupted last year. It is Europe’s highest and most active volcano. ~Anthony

After we had given time for our volcanos to dry, we got to paint them to make them look more like volcanos and less like bottles.

Then came the fun part, making our volcanos erupt! We put vinegar in our bottles with some food dye to make give our lava some colour. Then we put some bi carb soda in the bottles and watch them erupt!

Check out our photos from a great discovery day!


Buddy Bear Day

On Tuesday 3rd May we had Better Buddy Day at school. We met up with our buddy grade, 1F, to play games and do different activities around our school values. We started our morning with a game of musical freeze. After that we got into groups and spoke our our school values and what they mean to us. We then chose different parts of our values to act out.  IMG_0609IMG_0611

Buddy Bear Adventures with 3A

Buddy Bear and Anushri

Buddy Bear and I were having lots of fun. We have travelled around the world in my brother’s rocket. We saw the Earth and the Moon from space. We also did lots of skateboard practice and BB very quickly learned good tricks. BB liked my smarties skateboard and we spent hours going around the park. BB also found a friend and they got along very well.

anushri bb

P.E Tech Group – First Meeting.

Today we were excited to attend our first P.E Tech Group meeting. We discuss why we have this group, the importance of this group and what we want to get out of it.

We explored Garageband today and as a group created our first podcast. We aim to upload podcasts every second week to share our learning and knowledge with the school community.

First podcast – Why did we join the P.E Tech Group?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGG-1A8in_M

Do you have any questions or topics you want our group to answer and turn the discussion into a podcast?

Until next time, stay active.

Miss P and P.E Tech Group.

Hazel Edwards

Recently we visited the Hume Global Learning Centre to see Hazel Edwards and Ozge Alkan launch their book ‘Hijabi Girl’. Ozge taught us that if you don’t know what to write try writing words until something comes into your mind. Hazel spoke about not using our friends names in our stories because you might upset them. We also saw how illustrators match the text with their illustrations.

Gracias! Thanks for a fun Carnaval Week


Las week we had a fantastic time at ACPS showcasing our work in Art, Performing Arts and Spanish.

During Term 1 students were very dedicated and learnt songs, dances or organised displays.

On Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch time many students gathered at the courtyard to watch some performances and then have a dance. It was fantastic to see older students being so helpful and showing real leadership by undertaking some tasks, dancing and playing safely with younger students. Both days were a bit sunny and it was so much fun to dance outside!

Tuesday lunch time concert. It was a perfect day!

On Thursday we had our dress up parade! It was fantastic to see so many creative costumes!


James Fedoruk
Teachers brought their best costumes too! Mr Fedoruk is now a Spanish matador.

During session 5, the entire school got together at the Gym to enjoy some samples of the performances students from Red and Blue group have prepared. It was fantastic, all performers were enthusiastic and displayed their best work. students watching the performances also showed their school values by being attentive listeners and encouraging the performers by clapping and cheering. It was a great whole-school event. Thanks to the parents that attended the event.

The displays were colourful and everybody had a positive comment about how the gym looked.

Continue reading Gracias! Thanks for a fun Carnaval Week

Good Commenting

We have been learning about how to be a part of the online community. One way we can be part of this community is by communicating with people through blogs and websites. We might ask a questions about something we read or we might share with them that we like something on their blog. The most important thing we have to do when we leave a comment is to make sure that what we leave is a Good Comment!

We spent time reading blogs from classes and students around the world and seeing what they thought makes a Good Comment. Then we listed all the different things that we should remember when leaving a Good Comment.



We then came up with ways to share with others how to leave a Good Comment. Check out some of our videos about how to write a Good Comment. If you are thinking about leaving a comment on a blog or a website please think about these things!


Good commenting y4

Anzac Day Assembly

On Friday April 22nd the entire Aitken Creek Primary School came together to commemorate Anzac Day. It was our very first Anzac Day assembly as a whole school and was run by our Year 6 Student Leaders with support from Mr Pearson and Ms Huntly.

The entire school – all 930 students plus teachers and parents – did an outstanding job of being respectful and solemn during the assembly. It followed the structure of an Anzac service with The Ode being read and The Last Post being played followed by a minute’s silence and the Rouse. Student Leaders from Years 3-6 also presented and laid wreaths of remembrance that had been created in their classes.

Thank you to all who supported our first commemoration assembly. Our school looks forward to continuing this respectful remembrance of those who have served for our country in the future.


One student in the school thought about what he has understood and learnt about Anzac Day and wrote a poem. It is shared here to celebrate his thoughtful remembrance of those who have served:

A poem written by Cohen (4D):

The Diggers may lay

young or old

They may rest in peace

with their broken hearts and souls.

The poppy shines bright

black, purple, red

The disastrous war

is where they were being lead.

Today some live

and today some lie

The dangerous war shall be where they die.


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