Power and Bullying

This term in 4C  we have been learning about power and bullying. We had two apples. One apple we said nice things too, the other apple we said mean things. Then Miss Bell cut the two apples in half and there was a result! The one that one we said mean words to was badly bruised. The other one we said nice words to was perfectly fine and not hurt. We then talked about how some people may look okay after they have been hurt, but on the inside they are not. This relates to power as we have the power to be nice to others and make them feel good on the inside.

In our class, we are writing shout outs to people who are doing a great job by helping others or sharing.

Kind regards, 4C.

Meet and Greet with North Melbourne Football Club Players

On Tuesday at 10AM we had a PE session with North Melbourne footy players. We played Rock, Papers, Scissors Train. We also got to be partners with the players. Also we played Rucks and Rovers and First to Footy. The players names were: Aaron, Luke and Ben. At the end we got to get pictures and ask questions, we also got some signatures.

By Priyanka, Gunny, Santhos and Tanvir

Football Photos

football 3


Making Slime

At the end of term two, the students in 3D and 3E carried out a science experiment of making slime. With just a few ingredients of borax powder, PVA glue and food colouring we enjoyed creating and playing with our gooey goodness!

The slime was so sticky that it wouldn’t get off our hands!

I made different samples including Minecraft and Terraria.







Footy Fever! AFL Program.

Students have begun their AFL program and ACPS are very lucky to have Zach from the North Melbourne Football Club running the program for our Year 4 students.


Our Year 3 students will be taking part in the same program, with Miss P and Mr Muscari running the AFL skills an drills. Students ‘unpacked’ what AFL meant to them, by recording their prior knowledge and showcasing their recordings with the class with a ‘sports gallery walk.’

CnOTYA-XgAA0ayZ (1)

Students were treated like artist by holding their recordings and class walked from student to student observing their work.CnOTYA-XgAA0ayZ

Tips for handballing:

  • Ice cream scoop handball.
  • Follow through with the handball.
  • Aim for your target (player)
  • Keep your thumb on the inside.
  • Don’t punch the ball.
  • CnX-5npUMAAm5Zu

Great work!

Miss P, Mr Muscari and Year 3-4 students.


Mapping and Building with 3D shapes

Over the last three weeks of Term 2, our class worked on a rich task involving mapping and shape skills. In groups we designed and planned what buildings and areas we would have in our “city”. We then planned and drew out our city block maps from a birds-eye view. We had to think about what each building and object would look like if we were in the sky above it, just like city planners do when they lay out new areas of cities.

Once we had planned out and designed our cities (including lots of colour!), we selected several buildings and used our knowledge of shapes to build them up as 3D buildings. Some of us used basic cubes and rectangular prisms and others challenged themselves and built cylinders, square based pyramids and someone even attempted a hemisphere! It was tricky to make some of our big buildings because we didn’t have templates big enough, so we had to draw nets from scratch based on the area of our 2D shape on the map. Once we had finished our buildings, we added roads to our blocks to make a completed “city” area.

Our fun did not stop there! Once we had created our city areas, we used arrow code to create algorithms for getting from one point in the city to another. After checking our codes with a partner, we then tried it with a BeeBot (they use arrow code for algorithms also). We all really enjoyed the project and were proud of our work and the effort we put into our maps.

BeeBot ready to go on a trip around the city
BeeBot ready to go on a trip around the city

Group quick reflections:

  • Our group really enjoyed working on building our buildings. We worked as a good team and listened to each other. We helped each other to build our buildings. ~ Brahmleen, Uzair, Sneha, Ghullam, Alicia
  • We enjoyed making and colouring our maps. Our group worked together well. ~ Isabella, Anushri, Gurjas (Mahrosh)
  • Our group liked designing and building the city. Our group worked excellent together. We really enjoyed the task. ~ Ayan, Kashyap, Ashor, Ege
  • Our group worked together nicely and respectfully. We enjoyed building and colouring. It was very fun. ~ Montana, Anjali, Ryan, Tomaia
  • Our group enjoyed planning and colouring. We worked hard, helped each other when we finished and answered each other’s questions. ~ Saliha, Arda T (Ethan, Danieka)
  • We enjoyed designing and coding. We worked well together and enjoyed problem solving. ~ Koini, Riley, Aarushi, Ada S

Everyone was very disappointed to finish on the last day of Term 2 but are extremely proud of our effort!

What do you think about our maps and cities?

~ 3A

CBL Reflections

We have been learning about discoveries and how to make our research skills better.  Discoveries we have been learning about include petroleum, planets (Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter and Jupiter’s moons),  cocoa beans, electricity, gravity, the Titanic and penicillin.

We have been finding out about the discovery and researching information about who discovered it, why it was important and how it changed our lives, where it was found, when it was discovered and how it was found. We have been practising our research skills such as using specific 3-4 words for searching in Google, reading or skimming and scanning carefully to understand the information, checking 2-3 different websites to see if information is correct and making dot point notes using specific words only.

What we are proud of:

  • My work on my presentation
  • Improving my research skills
  • Working as a group to fix any problems

What we are going to keep working on:

  • Finding information on people and writing biographies
  • Improving research skills
  • Being productive with our time
  • Reading and finding more information for our topics

Next term our big idea is POWER. We look forward to seeing what kind of power there is and completing more presentations.

See you next term!


CBL Solutions

This term for CBL, our Big Idea was Discovery. Our challenge was to celebrate a Discovery. We researched and investigated a lot of different inventors and discoverers including Captain Cook, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Barnum Brown and Marie Curie.

For our presentations, we chose to celebrate discoveries that have impacted our lives. Some of us made an an archeology dig pit to represent how we discovered fossils, we made an erupting volcano to celebrate how volcanos were discovered and a puppet show to show how James Cook discovered Australia.

IMG_0753 IMG_0760 IMG_0761 IMG_0758 IMG_0757 IMG_0756 IMG_0755


In mathematics, we have been studying 2D, 3D, measurement, area, perimeter and the nets we needed to make 3D shapes.  Individually we made our own parts of the town, which had different types of buildings. We then connected our towns together and attached some roads.  We had to find the width and length of the BeeBots, so we knew how wide to make our roads. We tested our town to see if the BeeBots could make it through and get to their destination. Some of us have loved creating the towns and some of us have found this very challenging. Here is some photos of our city.

Here are some photos of our city.

If you want to find out more about what we have done with our towns you can read the below post or post a comment.

From the students of 4C

Discovering schools in Mexico and Spain


La escuela

This term we have been learning words to describe our school, school subjects and materials we use at school. In Year 4, we have been discovering what subjects are thought in the school Colegio Luis Vives in Valencia, Spain. Mapa_territorios_España2

We also discovered things about the school Escuela Primaria Saturnino Herrán in Ciudad de México (Mexico City), in Mexico.


La comida

Valencia, España.

We discover people at this school eat a lot of mortadella, salami and ham.

File_000 File_001 File_002 File_003 File_005 File_006 File_007

Ciudad de México, Mexico.

In Mexico, students bring their own lunches, but the school has a small cooperative (canteen) were fruit icicles, fruit drinks and typical foods are sold. Here is a picture of tostadas (hard flat tortillas) and tacos with different toppings.

tacos tostadas

We sent some pictures of the lunches we have at school and labelled them in Spanish for our friends to be able to read them:

IMG_1296 IMG_1297 IMG_1305

We found out that the school year in Mexico and in Spain finished in June. We wish all the best to our new friends.

Athletics Afternoon

This week we conducted our first Athletics Carnival for our Year 3-4 students and what a success it was!

We ran some traditional events and some fun events as well.

  • Hurdles
  • Zig Zag
  • Baton Relay
  • Tyre Relay
  • Teacher Race – This was a huge hit! Well done to Mr Traill and Mr Borrell on finishing first in the race. Ms Huntly and Ms Rae tried few strategies to distract Mr Borrell 🙂

Students displayed our school values and most importantly achieved their personal best. Here are a few thoughts from the students.

“It was so much fun” “The ribbons are cool” “Can we do this next week?”.

We also need to thank our fabulous House Captains who were supporting our young athletes ensuring they had a successful experience.

A big thank you to our wonderful parents who volunteered their time to help out and also showed their support.

Well done to everyone, we hope to continue the tradition in the near future with more time and events. Please send us some feedback about the day!

Congratulations to the RED team on winning the Year 3-4 House Athletics. We combined the scores from the two carnivals.

Red – 80, Orange – 72, Green – 67 and Blue – 55

Stay active,

Miss P 🙂

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