Positive Self-Identity: Self-Acceptance

Sometimes things in life may happen that make us feel sad or sometimes people might be mean to us. When this happens we can feel so sad that we start to think there is something wrong with us. We need to be able to see that even if something bad has happened or someone has been mean, we are still valuable people with a lot of good things to offer and that our bad feelings will pass because we have so much other great stuff happening in our lives. We can do this by saying positive and kind words to ourselves.

In 4B we wrote down statements that we can tell ourselves when are feeling down. These statements help us see ourselves in a positive way – this is called self-acceptance and self-esteem.

Community Agreement

As part of settling into the new school year, 4B discussed what things we want for our classroom and for our school. We thought about why coming to school is important and ways in which we can show our school values of Respect, Achievement, Responsibility and Teamwork.

We came up with lots of ideas but narrowed it down to seven main beliefs and goals, which we put together into a Community Agreement.

Everyone signed the agreement by putting their fingerprint on the bottom of the page and we will keep checking-in throughout the year to see how we are going with following what we said we would do.

3C Class Agreement

As a class we have been spending time creating our class community and working together to create a class agreement. We spoke about our school values and what we all believed a productive classroom and productive students looked like and sounded like. Thinking about why we come to school and why this is important was also part of our process to come up with a statement and expectations that we agreed to follow as a community group.

Does your class have a mission statement or class expectations? Are there any that are similar to ours? Let us know what they are!

~ 3C

Performing Arts

Welcome back to Performing Arts!

To begin the term, we have been working on presenting an Australian holiday scene in groups as part of our drama lessons. We have worked together to write our scripts for these scenes and also started to rehearse our performance. This links with the CBL Big Idea, ‘Identity’ as we are sharing stories of our adventures at places such as Funfields, Luna Park, Adventure Park and Philip island and bringing them to life!

Miss Georgiadis and Ms Findlay

Our personal Identity

During the first two weeks of Art we created our classroom agreements which reflect our school values. We worked in teams and came up with ideas about how to best reflect the school values in our art room. In addition we have begun designing our ‘Identity’ paper sculptures. The sculptures will be created with the letters of our names and the designs on them will be abstract designs made of line, shape and colours that represent our personalities. Keep watching this blog for our amazing work!

CBL Action – Fruit Party

image-4Hi parents and students,

We had a healthy fruit party on Friday December 16th as our CBL solution action. We would like to thank our classmates for bringing fruit to support our party.

We wanted to have a healthy fruit party to show people that healthy food can be fun and to encourage them to eat healthier.

We made a trailer to promote our solution action:

Here are some photos from our fruit party on Friday:

We hope you like to eat healthy fruit like we do! Thanks again!

From Brahmleen, Aarushi and Anjali

Make a Change from Too Much Technology

Hello families,

We would like to give a message to you. Our message is to stop get off technology and spend more time with your family. A lot of people go wild on technology and we would like people to stop and try to spend more time with their families doing other things these holidays.

Thank you.

By Riley and Tomaia

MAM Changing the World


We are MAM – Mahrosh, Anmol and Montana. We want to let everyone know that they can make change in the world. We hope you will learn something from our video below.

Please comment and write what you have done to make a change, what you have changed or what you will change.

We look forward to reading your comments!

By Annie Montana, Mahrosh

Coding and Problem Solving in 3D & 3E

This week in 3D and 3E, we have been looking at coding and problem solving in maths. We created a giant checker board and had to work out how to complete each of the puzzles. Every time we stood on a wrong square we would get a beep and the next person would start their turn. If we stood on a square and no sound was made, it told us that we were on the right square and could move to the next square to solve the puzzle. We had to use our memory to remember where exactly people had stood to get the puzzle correct. We then got the chance to create our own puzzles for our peers to solve.

img_0821 img_0826



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