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Education Week – Open Morning

On Thursday the 25th of May, Aitken Creek Primary School had their Open Morning. The theme for the Open Morning was Rich Maths Tasks. 3B and 3D would like to thank Miss Georgiadis for running the Open Morning and all the parents and other staff that helped out.

We had to design and make a paper plane each. In our group we had to estimate how far our paper plane would fly and who in our group would have the longest flight.

We were lucky enough to get some help from some of our parents and our teachers.

Here are some photos from the day:

We had so much fun!


Education Week – Better Buddies Day

On Wednesday the 24th of May we had Better Buddies Day. We got to spend some of the day with our buddies doing activities that the Specialist teachers created.

In Session 1 we had to use the moves we learnt in PE and Performing Arts to make a dance to ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ from the movie Trolls.

In Session 5 we had to make a Rain Stick “Palo” in Spanish. It was challenging to put the glue and brown paper on the ends so Miss Murray and Mrs McPhillips helped us with that step.

Here are some photos of us making Rain Sticks “Palo” with our buddies:

We loved spending time and doing fun activities with our buddies!

From 1D and 3B